Südtiroler Platz 3-5  
6020 Innsbruck


Police & Security

In addition, our car park is constantly guarded in cooperation with the professional security company of the station which knows the place very well and patrols every hour.

These security professionals are also reachable at any time, and can be called by us from our main office or directly by you under the always open lines of the Mungos-Security patrols +43 664 6173784 and/or +43 664 6173785. Even the police is strongly present directly at the station with a new, modern police station and would be immediately on site in case it should be necessary.

Four special parking spaces for women, even more brightly lit and situated directly at the exit to the station hall, further top off our security package.

Security bullet point list

  • Open, brightly lit parking spaces on only one, easily overseeable level!
  • Modern camera surveillance system!
  • Very well trained own professional staff!
  • Constant surveillance (patrols) of the professional on-site security company of the station. 
  • Always reachable emergency number +43 664 6173784!
  • Modern, always occupied police station, situated directly at the station!
  • Four special parking spaces for women directly at the exit to the station hall!
  • Of course, also the station itself is secure and perfectly guarded! 

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