Südtiroler Platz 3-5  
6020 Innsbruck


Welcome to THE underground car park in Innsbruck!

  • Situated directly at the main train station, perfectly connected to all conceivable traffic routes!
  • Close to the center – in all directions and from all directions!
  • Always open, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • Weather proof, direct connection to the entire infrastructure of the main train station of Innsbruck: from tobacco to magazines, from a supermarket to a pharmacy and from a five star hotel to the tourist information!
  • Four brightly lit, even better guarded parking spaces for women at the entrance to the car park!
  • Two parking spaces for electric cars with a free charging station, suitable for all charging formats!
  • Constantly available taxis and Zip-Car rental cars!
  • Five available “Kiss-and-Ride” tickets with their own parking spaces for an up to 15-minutes free of charge stay in the car park for anything short-time, such as collecting or taking your loved ones from or to the station. 

How to get here