Südtiroler Platz 3-5  
6020 Innsbruck


Our FAQs

Kiss & Ride: How does it work?

For the quick farewell, pick up or errand: our Kiss-and-Ride service unique in Innsbruck allows you up to 15 minutes free of charge parking time. If you wish, you can park your car on the blue parking spaces reserved for this service.


Long-term ticket

We also offer two long-term tariff models which allow important savings! From three days you only pay (for these 72 hours) € 38,- instead of € 57,- (which is the applicable short-term charge), and only € 76,- instead of € 133,- (the comparable short-term value) after exactly seven days of parking with us. The only thing you have to do to enjoy these important discounts is to activate this option by pushing the corresponding button when you pay at the payment machine.


Driving bans

Unfortunately for traffic law reasons neither single-track vehicles (as motorcycles, scooters), bicycles, nor cars with trailers (max. 2,10 Hm) are allowed to enter our car park!

No grace period after entry into the car park

Why is there no grace period after entry into our car park? No grace period means that every minute from the entry into our car park will be charged, except if you have a Kiss and Ride ticket.

This is the only way to defend ourselves against drivers who during rush hours prefer to drive through our car park than to take the official way through the station square. As there are three traffic lights on the square, this “alternative” route through our garage would be a shortcut! We trust you’ll understand that for security reasons we cannot accept these “through racers”.