Südtiroler Platz 3-5  
6020 Innsbruck


Cover page tariffs

We charge per started half hour of parking € 1,40. In addition, we offer two long-term tariff models which allow important savings!

Until three days parking we recommend

Until three days you only pay € 38,- instead of € 57,- (which is the applicable short-term charge), and only € 76,- instead of € 133,- (the comparable short-term value) until seven days of parking.

The only thing you have to do to enjoy these important discounts is to activate this option by pushing the corresponding button when you pay at the payment machine.

Long-term ticket

A tip: If you know that you will stay longer, buy a long-term ticket for 3 or 7 days upon your arrival! With this ticket you can also exit and reenter during the period paid for as often as you like!

Favourable monthly rent

You can park in our car park for a whole month. This ticket can be bought during cash desk opening hours at the counter, prices on request!

MO - FR 11.00 - 13.00; SUN and holidays 09.00 - 19.00

Parking time start

Parking time end


Our tariffs

per each startet 1/2 huntil 3 daysuntil 7 daysMonthly tickets
€ 1,50€ 41,-€ 81,-€ 150,-


For a quick farewell, pickup or errand: our Kiss-and-Ride service, unique in Innsbruck! Upon arrival, get one of five available Kiss-and-Ride tickets by pressing the corresponding button at the machine and park in our car park on one of the blue special parking spaces reserved for this service up to 15 minutes free of charge!

Shopping and / or kissing

Enough time to drop somebody off, pick someone up or run an errand. And if you should overrun the 15 minutes, you Kiss-and-Ride ticket will automatically convert into a normal parking ticket. Therefore, you can only win with Kiss-and Ride!

Methods of payment

As is proper for an international hub, our methods of payment also meet international standards: our payment machines accept cash in Euro, international Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express credit cards, as well as cash machine-/EC-cards issued by an Austrian bank!